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Cerita rakyat from North Sumatra

1. Lake Toba

He pulled the fishing rod and was amazed by the fish he caught. It was a golden fish. “Wait, please don’t eat me,” the fish suddenly spoke to the young man. Startled, the young man dropped the golden fish and it suddenly turned into a beautiful girl ... Click here for the complete tale.


2. Lau Kawar

The old woman was very happy for the foods. Finally, she got something to eat. But her happiness turned into sadness when she saw find only leftovers. It just had little rice and there were only some bones of beef and lamb which were almost without any meat to eat. “What is this!? Do they think I’m an animal? Why did they give me leftovers and bones!” moaned her furiously ... Click here for the complete tale.


3. Pond Sampuraga

Sampuraga was shocked to hear that familiar voice. “Oh…It`s not possible,” he thought while looking for the source of the voice among the crowded. But then he saw an old woman ran to him. “Sampuraga, my son! I’m your mother!” said the old woman while she tried to embrace Sampuraga. But Sampuraga was so embarrassed to see his own mother ... Click here for the complete tale.


4. Nai Manggale

The news about Nai Manggale’s beauty spread throughout the village. All the villagers came to Datu Partoar’s house to see Nai Manggale. Among them were Datu Panggana and Bao Partigatiga. Nai Manggale honestly told the villagers that she was actually a statue which became a living woman by the grace of God ... Click here for the complete tale.