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Cerita rakyat from South Kalimantan

Legend of Gunung Batu Bangkai

Many years ago, in Loksado, lived a young man with his mother. He was called Andung Kuswara. He was a smart young man. He had medical skill that he learned from his late father. Andung Kuswara worked hard everyday to fulfill their daily needs. One day, Andung Kuswara went to the forest alone, searching for fruits and vegetables. On his way home, he found an old man squeezed badly between two big trees. Andung Kuswara immediately helped him. He then healed his wound perfectly. “Dear young man, I thank you for your help,” the old man said and took something hanging on his neck. “As my gratitude, I give you this necklace. Hopefully it would bring good fortune for you,” said the old man. Andung Kuswara took the gift and went home.

Both Andung Kuswara and his mother passed their times happily. But Andung Kuswara wanted a better life for him and his mother. “Maybe it is better to leave my home to another country and practice my medical skill,” he thought. However, he had not enough courage to tell his intention to his mother. He knew his mother would be alone if he left. After a month passed, finally Andung Kuswara told his mother about his intention. “Mother, I want to make our life better. I want to go to other country and find a better job,” he said to his mother. “Andung… my son. If it is your final decision, I won’t stop you. All I can do is pray for you to find what you’re searching for,” his mother said wisely. “Thank you, Mother,” Andung Kuswara smiled happily.

The next morning, Andung Kuswara left his homeland to pursue his dream. He went overseas. He walked for weeks until he reached the kingdom of Basiang. On his way, he met a farmer whose body was full of ulcers and scabies. Andung Kuswara tried to help him. He cured the farmer with his medical skill.

The farmer was so happy. He offered Andung Kuswara to stay at his home. He also told Andung Kuswara that almost all inhabitants of the country were suffering from the same diseases. The news about Andung Kuswara’s medical skill quickly spread throughout the whole country. All sick people come to him to be cured from their sickness.

The king of Basiang also heard the news about Andung Kuswara’s excellent medical skill. The king then ordered his guard to brought Andung Kuswara to cure the princess who was also been sick. “My daughter has been on her bed for two weeks. She can not do anything. Many healers had attempted to recover her, but they failed. Will you cure her?” asked the king to Andung Kuswara. “My Majesty, I am just a poor wanderer and I have minimal medical skill. So, please forgive me if I also fail in recovering the princess”, Andung Kuswara replied.

Andung Kuswara was then allowed to enter the princess‘s room. The princess was very pale and weak. However, her beauty clearly seemed through her wonderful face. Andung Kuswara was amazed looking at her, “Ah, the princess is so beautiful,” he said to himself. He then tried to cure the princess with all his skill, but the princess did not move at all. Andung Kuswara then thought of another way. He took the necklace hanging on his neck. The necklace was soaked in the cup of water for a moment. After reading some prayers upon the water, Andung Kuswara spattered it on the princess‘s face for several times. Suddenly, the princess could move her body. Her eyes and lips opened, and her face turned bright. The princess was eventually able to sit on her bed.

The king was very grateful for Andung Kuswara‘s help to his only daughter. To express his gratefulness, he allowed Andung Kuswara to marry his daughter. The princess was happy to welcome Andung as her husband. The same was felt by Andung who fell in love with the princess.

A year passed, and the princess was pregnant. She told her husband that she desired to eat kasturi fruit that only grew in Kalimantan Island. Andung Kuswara‘s accompanied by several kingdom troops went to search the fruit. After arriving at the Kalimantan Island, Andung Kuswara headed to Loksado to find the kasturi tree which, according to local people, was bearing fruit. Andung Kuswara stood surprisingly after knowing that the tree grew exactly in front of his mother‘s small hut. Andung Kuswara immediately commanded the troops to return to the kingdom without taking the fruit to avoid meeting his own mother.

But suddenly Andung Kuswara’s mother went out from the hut. She saw her son among the troops in front of her home. “Andung…Andung…my son,” she tried to call her son. Andung Kuswara and the troops continuously walked to keep away from the old woman. However, she ran after them and kept calling for his son. Feeling ashamed in front of the troops, Andung Kuswara said angrily to his own mother, “Stop calling me as your son, old woman. I am a nobility of the Basiang Kingdom. I never know an old woman like you.” After that, Andung kuswara continued walking.

Andung Kuswara’s mother was shocked to hear those words from her beloved son. She cried and prayed with trembling lips, “Oh my God, show your power and justice.” Her tears had not been drying when the sky suddenly turned dark and thunder stroke repeatedly. After that, a sudden storm smashed and heavy rain fell dementedly. Suddenly Andung Kuswara‘s body slowly turned into stone.

Since the time, the locals called the mountain as Gunung Batu Bangkai (mountain of decease stone), because the stone that lays on it resembles human body. The mountain located in the sub district of Loksado, South Kalimantan .***