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Cerita rakyat from South Kalimantan

Ning Rangda

A long time ago in the southern area of Borneo Island, lived a beautiful girl named Rangda. She had excellent weaving and sewing skills. Her beauty was known in the whole area. Many young men fell in love with her.

One day, the prince who had heard about Rangda’s beauty, came to her house to order a dress from her. The prince was amazed by Rangda’s beauty and her humbleness. He fell in love with her. After he got his dress, the prince immediately went back to the palace. He wanted to tell his father that he already found his future wife. However, right after the prince arrived at the palace, he suffered a terrible illness. He was unconscious and got high fever. Every night in his sleep, he always whispered a name, "Rangda... Rangda... Rangda."

The king was really worried. He asked his advisors about the Rangda's name. One of the king’s advisors, Wakil Mangkubumi was familiar with the name. “Rangda is a beautiful young girl who lives at the southern area. She had excellent weaving and sewing skill. All of the prince’s clothes were made by her,” explained Wakil Mangkubumi.

The king knew that his son had fallen in love with the girl. The next day, he ordered his soldiers to take him and the prince to Rangda's house. Wakil Mangkubumi went first to Rangda’s house. The king had ordered him to tell Rangda and her parents about the wedding proposal. Rangda was very happy because she also fell in love with the prince.

When the prince heard that he would meet with Rangda, he was very happy. His health improved significantly. Then the prince, the king, and the soldiers went to Rangda's house. But the trip was very tiring and made the prince suffered his illness again. The illness was worse than the previous one. It was so bad that finally the prince died on the journey.

The king was so sad. He thought it was useless to continue the trip. Then he went back to the palace. Meanwhile, Rangda did not know that the prince had died. She was sewing a wedding dress for the wedding. She wanted to give the prince the best wedding dress. Everyday, she waited and waited for the prince, but he never came. She kept on sewing the wedding dress until she was old. People then called her Ning Rangda. She was called Ning because she was old and had a hunchbacked body.***